In designing residential interiors and commercial spaces, Matthew's understanding of architectural design, furnishings and materials results in timeless and sophisticated environments. His keen eye and Asian heritage infuse his spaces with a sense of balance, proportion and timeless elements from the past to create a welcoming space that is unique for each client. Whether the look is one of classic elegance or clean contemporary lines, a Matthew Yee interior is defined by a fresh and creative look that transforms the space into a reflection of its owner's personality.
Matthew's approach is to create a close collaborative relationship with each client and to
make them an integral part of the design process. His warmth and easygoing manner make the journey from concept to project completion an exciting one for the client, as they watch their
vision become reality.

Matthew Yee grew up on the North Shore of Long Island and graduated from New York
University with degrees in Art History and Economics. He further pursued his design interest by studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Matthew Yee Interiors is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan with ready access to the world's largest number of resources for all tastes and design needs.